Yarn Crush-March 2017

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Yarn Crush sends amazing yarns every month along with notions. They also include two similar patterns each month so whether you're a knitter or prefer to crochet, you can make the project.

I love how they ask for your yarn choice of  Warm, Cool, Neutral or Surprise Me!

They have another subscription option called Sock Crush. Sock Crush boxes include a Ravelry download code for a sock knitting pattern (and emailed PDF pattern in case you don't have a Ravelry account).

Yarn Crush is $32.99/ month w/shipping U.S: $5, Canada: $8, Everywhere else: $11.

Sock Crush is $26.99 w/shipping U.S: $3.50, Canada & Everywhere else: $7.50

There are bi-monthly options for both subscriptions for a slightly higher cost.

Everything arrived in a pretty purple foil bag with a simple logo sticker on it. I love fancy boxes as much as the next gal but,  I also know, those fancy boxes can cost so much that the box contents suffer. I'd rather have simple packaging with tons of goodies inside.

It was all neatly held together by pink tissue paper and a cute sticker “Full of Yarny Goodness”

A pretty little insert card with the month & year on the front and all the info you need on the back. They even include exclusive subscriber coupons to use in the shops of the designers. (sorry- we don't share exclusive subscriber coupon codes so, they are covered in the pics)

I think it's awesome that you get TWO patterns- one for knitting and one for crocheting.

I've always been a crochet girl, could never wrap my head around knitting. Recently (because I knew this box was coming) I grabbed a couple knitting needles and I have started a simple knitting project. Once I get the hang of it, I'll have to grab some of my stash to make the knitted version of the pattern.

I have never heard of a Tunisian crochet hook but, this thing looks like it could be fun to work with.


To add to your new cowl, they included these adorable little buttons. To me, they look like little mandalas, which I LOVE so they were the perfect addition.

The final little bonus is a zipper pouch from BlueQ. It's a really good size to carry a small project with you or just to keep your notions together. Made of 95% recycled materials.


Finally, The Yarn!

I chose “Surprise Me” for my Yarn and boy, did they surprise me. They couldn't have picked a better yarn for me!

It's Honky Tonk DK from MollyGirl I LOVE the bright colors & BONUS, it's called “Barbie Girl” with the song lyrics printed on the label*. This yarn is 75% Wool – Merino & 25%  Corn Fiber (Ingeo). It feels so soft and will make any project beautiful.

*Fun Fact: child #4 loved when I sang that song to him as a baby.

I think I'll be using the yarn for the crochet pattern so I get to use the Tunisian crochet hook. I usually have about 5 projects going at once so, it'll be a bit before I get to this one but, I can't wait.


I loved everything in the box (bag) and felt like they were “in my head” when they chose that specific yarn.

Great Job Yarn Crush!

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*NOTE: We paid for this box. *


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