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A Walt Life Subscription Box guarantees you’ll receive an assortment of delightful goodies from the most Magical place on Earth. Imagine having Disney Magic brought right to your front door every month!

Plan Options:

  • Classic Box: Includes 3+ Disney Items
    • $20.00/month + shipping
  • Magic Box: Includes 4+ Disney Items
    • $39.00/month + FREE SHIPPING
  • Magic Plus Box: Includes 4+ Disney Items + Disney Parks Item
    • $48.00/month + FREE SHIPPING

I was sent the Magic Plus box to review under the 18+ princess category.  I am a HUGE Disney fanatic so I about squealed when this box came in the mail!  Disney covers every inch of my house, so I couldn't wait to add these new treasures to my collection.

First off, Walt Life comes in an adorable treasure chest themed box.  The box has the company's logo on the front, and it looks like it was shipped straight from Disney World!  Since this box is based in Florida – the home of Disney World – it makes the box feel authentic.

Upon opening the box, I was excited to see the gorgeous inner design!  This just added to the overall Disney theme.  I plan on cutting out the cute designs on the box flaps and using them as bookmarks!

The first item I pulled out of the box was this adorable Disney Store Princess Belle blanket!  Belle is one of my favorite princesses, and I own just about every Beast plush that has ever been made.  I love how soft this blanket is, and I am actually cuddled up in it right now!  The blanket is a certified Disney Store Original.

The next item is this gorgeous Belle figurine.  The figurine is also certified as a Disney Store original, and it is quite heavy!  I adore it, and I have already put it on my bookshelf.

This Disney Princess diary is the next item in the box.  I am basically an overgrown kid, so I will absolutely be using this diary to journal!  I can never get enough of Disney Princess journals and diaries.

Walt Life also included this Dinsey Trading Pin!  The pin was wrapped safely in a gift box, and I think that it is adorable.  For those who don't know, Disney trading pins with the small silver Mickey Mouse head signify that the pin is not available for purchase.  These pins are only available for trade with a Disney Cast Member!  Even though I don't have the rest of the pins in this series, I will look for the other pins when I go to the parks.

The next items I pulled out are these adorable paper items!  One of them is a custom bookmark exclusive to Walt Life, another is a postcard, and two of the items are trading cards from the 1990s.  I love how unique these items are, and I have already hung them up in my room!

The Magic Plus box comes with an official Disney Park item, and this month included these Magic Bandits!  Magic Bands were essentially created to replace room keys and fast passes at the Disney World Resort, and these adorable charms can be clipped onto the bracelets as decoration!  I think that they are absolutely adorable, and I will wear them even when I am at home and not at the park.

The next item included is this adorable Princess Belle notebook!  It is compact so that it will fit in your purse, and it is very high quality.  I can never have enough notebooks, so this one will be put to great use!

When going to the parks, a string backpack is a must!  This cute string backpack was included in the box, and even though it is a bit flimsy, I think it is very cute!  I will use it for a quick purse when going to the movies to sneak in my own candy (who doesn't do that?!), or for my next Disney trip!

The last item included in the box is this Disney Princess lanyard!  It matches the backpack, and I am quite in love with it.  I am a huge lanyard fanatic, so I will be using it to hold some of my many keys!

Final Thought: Walt Life is a great box for Disney fanatics like myself!  Even though many of the items are probably meant for younger kids, I adored how this is a box to remind adults to never grow up.  When I showed this box to my mother – who is in her 50s – she fell in love with it and bought a subscription for herself!  Every item is usable to me, and the curation is well worth the cost.   Each item was connected to one another, and I loved how this box revolved around Beauty and the Beast!  Overall, Walt Life is like receiving Disney World in a box.  As someone who could live at Disney World and never get bored, I need more of this magic in my life!


*NOTE: This box was sent to us for free to review.*

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