Tokyo Trove Review – June 2017

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Plan Options:

  • Tokyo Trove Basic: $23/month + FREE SHIPPING*
    • Doesn't include t-shirt
  • Tokyo Trove Premium: $30/month + FREE SHIPPING* 
    • Includes all of the above
  • Whalewatch: $35/month + FREE SHIPPING*
    • Includes environmentally friendly items
    • 10% of proceeds go to the Pacific Whale Foundation

*International shipping is available through here.

I received the Tokyo Trove Premium to review, and I couldn't wait to try out this fun, Japan-inspired box!

Tokyo Trove comes in a small, turquoise box with the logo stamped on the front of it!  I like how compact the box is.

 The contents of the box come tightly packed so that none of the items shift around during shipping.  The only thing that I wish this box came with is an insert card because I would have liked to know more about the items.

The first item that I pulled out of the box is this adorable Vaporeon Pokemon plush!  I am a huge Pokemon lover, so I squealed when I saw this plush.  It is very high quality, and I am in love with it!

The next item is also based on Pokemon!  It is a sticker that represents the Exeggutor Pokemon.  This sticker is adorable, and I love it!  Anything from Pokemon is a win with me.

The next item is this cute cat pin!  I love the kawaii style of the pen, and it writes really well.  I am such a cat lady, so this pen is very fitting.

The next item is this small pack of Japanese candies!  They taste sweet and milky, almost like caramel, and I think they are delicious.  I love how cute Japanese candy is, so I enjoyed trying this snack out.

The next item is also a snack, and it is a stick of Japanese jerky!  This jerky was delicious, and it had such a rich flavor.

The last item is a Japanese t-shirt with a fish that is holding up a gun.  I have seen this art on other products, and I think that it is cute!  I really like the Japanese style.

Final Thought: Tokyo Trove is an adorable box for those who love Japanese products!  I enjoyed each item in the box, and they are all useful to me.  However, I would have liked to have seen an insert list so that I could learn more about the items that were sent.  But other than that, Tokyo Trove is a great box for lovers of Japanese culture!

*NOTE: The Box Reviewers received this box to review.

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