The Tailored Box Review + Coupon – May 2017

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The Tailored Box is a monthly subscription box tailored to the modern day woman who doesn't always have time to cater to herself! Escape the everyday pressures of life with a little themed retail therapy.


  • Month by Month: $39.95 + shipping
  • 3 Month PrePay: $107.86 + shipping
  • 6 Month PrePay: $203.70 + shipping
  • 12 Month PrePay: $383.45 + shipping

*Ships worldwide!  Shipping is calculated.*

Use code “10OFF” for 10% off of your first box!

May's Theme is “Happy Mother's Day Beautiful!!”

The Tailored Box shows up in a cute turquoise box with the box's logo stamped on the top!  I love the simplistic design.

When opening the box, I was happy to see how carefully wrapped everything was!  I also liked how the information card was right on top.

The design of the card matches the box!  I love how this month's box celebrates Mother's Day, but it also celebrates women by encouraging them to be proud of being “unapologetically beautiful”.  As someone who struggles with self-image issues, I love how this box celebrates women!  The beauty of this theme is that each item included in the box is perfect for the subscriber to use whether they are a mother or not.  Some of the items can be gifted to the subscriber's mother, or to a mother they know!

The first item included is this body scrub sample from RoseBud Organics!  I love a good body scrub, and the fact that this is organic is perfect.

The next item is a set of glam chocolates from Jenesis Confections!  The chocolates came wrapped with an ice pack.  I love the care that The Tailored Box took in making sure that they didn't melt.

The chocolates are shaped like lipsticks, and they are too cute!  Jenesis Confections is having a Mother's Day Sale where you can get 6 cake pops for $10.  Visit them at their Facebook page to place an order!  I have already eaten these delicious chocolates, and were the best treat!

The next item is from BH Cosmetics!  BH Cosmetics is one of my favorite makeup brands, and I was so happy to see this brush set included in the box.

The brush set comes with this white cosmetics bag, and I like how it feels like leather!

The brush set comes with 6 brushes, and they are so soft!  I love how multiple sizes are included.  This is something I would definitely splurge on at the store, so it fits well with the retail therapy concept!

The next item is this wine glass that The Tailored Box created just for this box!  I love the blue glitter, and I will be giving it to my mother for Mother's Day.  My only fear is that the glitter might come off when washing, but if it is carefully hand washed it should be fine!

One of the last items is this wooden picture!  I love this quote, and it will be perfect for my mother on Mother's Day.

The last item is this t-shirt that The Tailored Box made themselves!  I love the “unapologetically beautiful” quote, and the glitter with the red color is gorgeous.  The shirt is also fitted and a v-neck, so it is of high quality.  It is probably my favorite item in this month's box!

Final Thought: The Tailored Box is a great box to give yourself a little bit of retail therapy each month.  I love how each item went along with the theme, and how the items were meant for the subscriber to treat themselves!  All of the items were of high quality, and I liked how there were a few high-quality items instead of a lot of cheap items that are often found in other subscription boxes.  Try The Tailored Box to treat yourself or a woman you love to high-quality treats!  You won't regret it.

Use code “10OFF” for 10% off of your first box!


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