Paletteful Packs Review, Cost & Coupon

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Art Supplies Delivered to You Monthly

With Paletteful Packs, you receive creativity in a box!  A handpicked selection of art supplies ranging from pens to paint is sent to you every month.

Plan Options:

  • Premier Pack (Comes with full-size art products)
    • Month to Month: $34.95+FREE SHIPPING*
    • 3 Month PrePay: $99.95+FREE SHIPPING*
    • 6 Month PrePay: $194.95+FREE SHIPPING*
    • 12 Month PrePay: $349.95+FREE SHIPPING*
  • Young Artist (Comes with art products designed for young artists)
    • Month to Month: $29.95+FREE SHIPPING*
    • 3 Month PrePay: $84.95+FREE SHIPPING*
    • 6 Month PrePay: $164.95+FREE SHIPPING*
    • 12 Month PrePay: $299.95+FREE SHIPPING*

*Free Shipping in the US Only*

*Mexico and Canada Shipping is $15*

*Worldwide Shipping is $25*

Paletteful Packs Review, Cost & Coupon

May's Theme is Sepia!

Paletteful Packs comes in a simple kraft box with the logo sticker on the front!  The logo is adorable.  I also like how the box is big enough for using it as a desk when working on your art!

Upon opening the box, it was nice to see that the items were buried under paper shavings for protection.  I also liked seeing the insert card immediately so that I knew what to expect!

The design of the insert card is adorable!  I like how each item listed comes with a description.  This month's theme is sepia, and I was so excited to receive art tools that I can use to work in this medium!

The first item included in the box is a Strathmore 80 lb. Drawing Pad.  I love this brand and this 8 in. x 10 in. size is the perfect size for taking your art on the go!

The next item is a bottle of Bombay Sepia India Ink!  I am also fond of this brand since the ink is waterproof and dries quickly.  The ink can be used with pens, brushes, or any other tool that you can think of.

To go along with the ink is a Sumi Bamboo Sketching Pen!  It is perfect to use with the ink because it has a strong shaft and can hold the ink well.

Also included is this tin of limited edition Conte Sketching Crayons!

These artist crayons are very sturdy, and they come in every basic color that you need!  I love that these crayons are limited edition, and they are compact enough that you can take them with you.

The next item is this Derwent Inktense Pencil in Sepia!  These pencils are neat because you can mix them with water when drawing to provide an inky effect.  I have only used these once, so I am excited to now have one to call my own.

The last item included is this set of Faber – Castell  PITT Artist Pens!

The pens write so smoothly, and I love how they come in different thicknesses.  They are very useful for sketching with sepia, and I will be putting these to great use!

Final Thought: This box was well curated and I loved how everything went along with the Sepia theme!  I think that receiving art supplies each month based on a theme is one of the best ways to build your art supply collection.  I only wish that the box came with an art project idea or examples of art pieces that were created with each different item.  But the price of the box is cheaper than buying the products at a craft store, and you can't beat free shipping in the US.  This box is a must-have for artists, or those wanting to expand their creativity!

*NOTE: This box was given to us to review for free.

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