Nerdy Post Review + Coupon – March 2017

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Nerdy Post is a monthly fandom art subscription service designed by Alexis Lampley of Drop and Give Me Nerdy. You will receive 5-7 items which includes an exclusive hand-written note and illustration designs such as prints, bookmarks, pins, etc. The cost for this service is $13.95/month plus shipping ($6 for US, $9 for Canada, and $13 for International) and their Nerdy Tee subscription is $15.95/month.


March’s theme was Disney!

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This is my first experience with Nerdy Post and I’m excited to see what they had to offer! I have seen Alexis’ work on Instagram from the book and fandom community before and her calligraphy skills are amazing.  If you’re a fan of nerd-inspired art, this subscription might be right for you!

First thoughts: Immediately, I was hit with beautiful and musky scent. My first impression was that the non-flat items were protected in bubble wrap so care went into this package.

The first item I unwrapped was the tealight candle by Wickdom, also the culprit of the smelly goodness. The Bell-inspired candle is a blend of rose, frankincense, and myrrh.  It is in a beautiful, blue shade color. However, it is quite strong so it might not be fitting for those who are allergic or sensitive to fragrances.

Next was a Pocahontas art print with the package details on the back. The illustration is breathtaking and the details of the feathers are exquisite. Even if she drew an art print with feathers on it, I would be happy. The cardstock is great in quality with a gloss finish.

The second art print was a double-sided print of Baymax of Big Hero 6. In the photo, it is actually one print but with my handy photoshop skills, I managed to show both sides in one picture. I have never seen this movie before so I might not get the reference of the quote.  But I’m familiar with the character and I love the silhouette with the galaxy background!

The next print is a reference to The Little Mermaid and I love it! Growing up, The Little Mermaid was my second favorite Disney movie (Beauty and the Beast being the first) so I’m happy to see an inspired artwork from the classic. The quote on the print says “I just don’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad.” I couldn’t agree more!

What makes the art print unique is that the lettering is raised like an embossed(?) print which, to me, adds more detail.

In every box, subscribers receive a postcard to color on. I love sending and receiving non-traditional mail, so this will be useful when I want to mail someone a note. I don’t mind the advertisement for the company on it, but the only thing I wish for is if there was a quote instead and the business name listed on the corner.  Either way, it’s still beautiful!  

Next is a double-sided bookmark referencing to Beauty and the Beast and Robin Hood. I remember seeing Robin Hood when I was younger, and it feels like it was yesterday! Both designs are gorgeous and it makes it hard to pick which one is better!

Next, we have a beautiful Wisp vinyl sticker inspired by Brave. I haven’t seen this movie either, but my roommate told me that the Wisps help guide Princess Merida’s fate.  Neat!

We also received a poster of a quote from Moana, a movie that I also haven’t seen. (I’m terrible at following new Disney movies!)  However, I love the quote and it would be fitting to hang in a reading area or a place that makes you happy.

I’m a sucker for stickers and beautiful handwriting, so seeing a set of sticker quotes from a variety of Disney films fills me with joy! It also makes a great addition to my bare planner.

Next is another non-art print item: a hand mirror! The quote references from Tangled, another movie I haven’t seen. (I’m so terrible at this!) I know! You’re probably screaming what’s wrong with me after reviewing items that I have never seen before but I swear, I’ll watch the films one day! Regardless, this is one hefty hand mirror as you can tell by the size of it. It’s larger than most compact mirrors I own, and the quote is perfect when we check ourselves out.  (Don’t act like you don’t make faces in front of the mirror!)

Finally, the last item in the box is a Sleeping Beauty magnet. The watercolor-style art is beautiful and I love how it adds a variety of shades in blue in the stroke. I’m envious of Alexis’ scripting skills!

Final thoughts: My first experience with Nerdy Post was delightful and it was wonderful to learn more about Alexis’ artwork and style. I was amazed on how many items were included in the box, and while I love independent artists and nerd culture, I don’t see myself subscribing every month only because of lack of space in my apartment. However, I would recommend Nerdy Post for anyone who is looking to add some art to their life or just anyone who enjoys fandom art. If you’re more of a t-shirt person, they have a shirt subscription as well!

Use Code BOXREVIEWER10 to Receive 10% Off of Your First Box!

*NOTE: We received this box to review for free*




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