Mystical Mojo Box – March 2017

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Mystical Mojo Box is a New Age subscription that sends out mystical boxes each month based on a certain theme.  The box is described as a box that includes magickal items to spark positive energy and soulful insights.  They offer two box options to help your mystical mojo, and the boxes are titled “Crystal Mojo” and “Mega Mojo Box”.


The”Crystal Mojo” box is $15/month + shipping and the “Mega Mojo Box” is $67/quarterly + shipping

The difference between these two boxes is that the Crystal Mojo box comes solely with crystals based, while the Mega Mojo Box can include crystals as well as other magickal items to help the subscriber practice enlightening practices.

The March box's theme was “Fire Element” and it was curated to give magickal folk items to work with the fire element.  I absolutely love this box, and each item matched so perfectly with the chosen element!  I hope that more boxes in the future are based on the different elements, and I think they would be perfect to have on hand for different elemental rituals.

Mystical Mojo Box comes in a white box with a sticker label wrapped around the box.  Upon opening the box, you find that all of the items are carefully wrapped in green tissue paper and paper shavings.  I love how exciting it is to open this box because everything is hidden and it adds to the surprise!

The first item included in the box is a jar of FIRE ELEMENT Therapeutic Elemental Bath Salt from TheVenusInAquarius!  These bath salts are made of dead sea salts, Himalayan salt, baking soda, organic fractionated coconut oil, 100% pure/organic essential oils or frankincense, cardamom, juniper berry, and tangerine, herbs of rosemary and dried sunflower petals and they are charged with Carnelian.  They smell absolutely wonderful, and they are perfect for a cleansing ritual in the bathtub using the fire element!  The bathtub is one of my favorite places to have a ritual and cleanse myself, so I will be putting these salts to great use.

The next item in the box was a Fire Elemental Ritual Candle from Apotheca Lunulae.  This candle smells amazing, and the main scent is cinnamon, which I associate with fire.  It is perfect to use in rituals, or to burn in a room to invoke spirituality, success, healing, protection, passion and strength!  I love candles, and this will be going on my altar immediately!  It would also be great to use while taking a bath with your bath salts.

One of my favorite items in this month's box is a bottle of FIRE Oil Elixir Potion by Bewitching Spirits!  This oil elixir can be used when doing rituals with the element of fire, or when you have fire symbols in your astrological chart.  It is charged with sunstone, garnet, amber, cloves, ginger, caraway, mandrake, allspice, cedar, and coriander, and it smells spicy and strong.  I will definitely be using these with the other fire items that I have received from this box!  It can also be used on the skin (just make sure that you do a patch test, first) so it can also be used with the bathtub cleansing ritual.

The next item is a patch of Dragon's Blood Incense by 1618 Gold!  I love this incense because you can just put it in a fireproof bowl and light it on fire as is.  This is perfect for spells as well as igniting your room with a strong protective scent.  I love how sweet and strong the smell is, and it will be perfect for filling my ritual room.

This next item was included to go specifically with the incense!  It is a bowl made out of ethically sourced horn, and it is fireproof so that you can light your incense in the bowl for your rituals!  I love how silky the bowl is, and I really appreciate it that it is ethically sourced.  Since I did not know how to use the powder incense, I am glad that I don't have to go buy another bowl to use it!

A bag of Vesta Ritual Powder by Azure Green is the next item included in the box!  For those who don't know, Vesta is the Goddess of the Hearth, Sacred Fire, and Maternity, and this power can be used to honor her in rituals.  It is perfect to use along with the incense and elixir oil, and I love how it is connected to one of the goddesses!  It can also be used to drive away negative spirits, energy, and intentions.  You could also mix this power with the incense if you would like, and it will have an even bigger energetic effect.

This next item is gorgeous, and I absolutely love how they connect to the FIRE theme!  They are a pair of Dragon and Phoenix Chiming Balls from Passage to Asia, and I love how they come from a company dedicated to sending out authentic, handcrafted items from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.  When you twirl the balls in your hand they are designed to improve blood circulation and energy throughout your body.

Mystical Mojo Box generally sends out crystals in their boxes to go with the theme, and I absolutely love this part of the box.  Since I am a crystal healer, I love having crystals to add to my collection.  The crystals this month were designed to go with the fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.  The above stone is Zircon, and it goes with the sign of Sagittarius.  It is used to help the wearer experience the joy of life, and to share it with others.

This next stone is Ruby in Feldspar, and it is GORGEOUS!  This stone goes with the sign of Aries, and it is used to experience Divine Love and to realign all of the chakras within the body with your higher self and Divine Love.

The last stone is Bronzite and it is for the Leo sign.  This stone is also beautiful, and it helps to promote control and to help one have more control over their own actions and experiences.  It also helps one to know what they want in life.

Overall, this box was a big win for me.  It was well worth the money, and it came with everything that you need to perform a fire ritual.  I look forward to seeing more Mystical Mojo Boxes based on the different elements, and I am excited to use all of these items in my next ritual!











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