Mystical Mojo Box – December 2016

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Mystical Mojo Box is a New Age subscription that sends out mystical boxes each month based on a certain theme.  The box is described as a box that includes magickal items to spark positive energy and soulful insights.  They offer two box options to help book your mystical mojo, and the boxes are titled “Crystal Mojo” and “Mega Mojo Box”.


The”Crystal Mojo” box is $15/month + shipping and the “Mega Mojo Box” is $45/month + shipping

The difference between these two boxes is that the Crystal Mojo box comes solely with crystals based on a certain theme, while the Mega Mojo Box can include crystals as well as other magickal items to help the subscriber practice enlightening practices.

I received the December 2016 Mystical Mojo Box, and the theme was Yule/Winter Solstice.  I was EXTREMELY excited to receive this box since I am Wiccan myself and I celebrate the Winter Solstice every year.  That being said, this box is one of my favorites from this company and I am so excited to have received it.

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The box arrives in a a simple white box with the Mystical Mojo logo on the front.  Upon opening the box, you see that all of the items are wrapped beautifully in purple tissue paper as well as paper shavings.  A note is also included to explain all of the items in the box, as well as represent the different social media links for the box.


The first item included in the box was the book “Yule: Recipes & Lore for the Winter Solstice” (Retail: $12).

I actually have a copy of this book myself, and I LOVE it.  It talks a bit about the background that comes with Yule, and it comes with delicious recipes as well as rituals and other gift giving ideas connected to the Pagan beliefs of Winter Solstice.  It is a must have for anyone who celebrates this holiday, and I am so glad to see that it was included.


The second item included was a silver plated bell (Retail: $8).

I love the weight that this bell has, and it sounds beautiful when rung.  Using bells in Pagan or Wiccan rituals is very important, and they are often used in alter settings by Pagans and Wiccans.  I was very excited to receive such a high quality bell, and I have since placed it on my altar.  The note that came with the box also listed pages in the Yule book included that involve using the bell in rituals.


The next item included was a set of Myrrh incense (Retail: $2.00)

Myrrh is said to awaken the sense of our higher self, and it is also used to unite heaven and Earth.  I thought that this fit in perfectly with the theme of “Yule”, because this is a time of many different beliefs, and uniting heaven and Earth is a heavy topic during this time of the year.


The next item is a “Green Man Altar Cloth” (Retail: $8.00)

I ADORE this altar cloth!  I immediately rearranged my altar so that this cloth was the center of it, and I am in love with the “Green Man”, who is a god of fertility, growth, death, and rebirth.  The cloth is very high quality and it is perfect to be a layout for any altar during any time of the year.


The next item is an “Antique Copper Filigree Snowflake” by Copper Amazon (Retail: $4.00):

I love how ethereal this ornament is!  It is very thin and elegant, and it adds an earthy element to winter decorations.   I think that it is beautiful and very high quality, and I am definitely going to have to buy more from this shop!


The next item is an “Altar Besom All Natural Corn Husk” (Retail: $3.00)

Brooms are very important in Wicca, particularly, and they are said to sweep away negativity and they can even be used to protect a room, or an altar, from harm.  I love this little broom because it is tiny and fits perfectly on my altar.  I use it to create a barrier on my altar so that negative forces cannot penetrate the peace that I have created.  This little broom is handmade, and I adore handmade item.


The last items included were a “Star Chime Candle Holder w/ Candles” (Retail: $10.00).

This little star candle holder is so cute, and I love having it on my winter altar!  The star is a symbol for the holiday season, and it is very important in Wicca and Paganism as well.  I also received two gold candles, one white candle, and one red candle.  The back of the note talks a little bit about the meanings of these colors, and it also directs the subscriber to different pages in the Yule book that talk more about candles and rituals involving them.

Overall, I adored this box.  It was so beautifully crafted to coincide with the Yule book and the holiday as a whole.  All of the items are highly usable, and you can create a complete altar with everything included, which is wonderful.  This box is well worth the price, and I love how Christina (the owner) uses small businesses to supply a lot of her items!  It is a win – win all around.



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