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Love with Food is a monthly, mystery snack subscription service that provides guilt-free snacks from different companies and fights child hunger from around the world! With every purchase, Love with Food will donate to a food bank so you can discover snacks that are good for you while doing good. It’s a win!



Love with Food offers three monthly plans which are:


Tasting Box (US only): $7.99/month which you will receive 7+ new snacks and donates one meal to hungry children

Deluxe Box (US and International): $16.50/month which you will receive 15+ new snacks and donates two meals to hungry children

Gluten-Free Box (US and International): $19.99/month which you will receive 10+ new snacks and donates two meals to hungry children


Shipping is free to the US and territories and $3.99 for international.


A good thing to take note of is that Love with Food offers reward points for each month which you can redeem for a free product in their shop! Yay!



Now, onto the exciting part, which is opening the box! Love with Food was kind enough to send their Deluxe box for a review. When I found this red beauty on my doorstep, I was surprised on how big the box was! I tried their service once in 2015, and that was for their Tasting Box, so I’m curious to see what they have to offer in their Deluxe Box.


First look: I’m already excited! There were so many items that I have never seen before, so I’m eager to try it out. There goes my diet!


I must also mention that most of their sample size are huge to me! Usually, when I receive a sample, it is a lot smaller, and they are the size of regular snack bags that you would buy for your lunch box.



The first item I tried was Wise’s Sea Salt Popcorn. The popcorn wasn’t as salty compared to other healthy popcorn brands that I’ve tried in the past which was perfect for me! While I love salt, I’m not in-love with salt. It does have a nice popcorn crunch to it which sometimes can be a hit or miss for popcorn snacks because I have tried some that tasted pretty stale. Warm this baby up, and it’s the perfect for your Netflix binge!



Next was the Vegan White Cheddar Organic Chickpea Puffs by Hippeas (that’s quite a mouthful!). As of lately, I’ve been on more of a plant-based diet and junking out on the weekends (with no meat, dairy, and eggs, of course). So when I glanced on this yellow beauty, I was naturally (is that a pun?) excited to try this out! I have never heard of this before, and the one thing I do miss the most was cheddar-flavored snacks. 

The first bite threw me off because I didn’t know what to expect. I guess I was hoping for more flavor since it is “white cheddar” after all! Once I’ve finished the bag, it turns out that I did like it. It wasn’t as flavorful as I would have liked it but I do like it enough as a puffy snack. Now I have a new brand to look for when I go out shopping!



The Tasty’s Organic Emoji-Shaped Chocolate Cookies was next on my tasting list. These are so cute, and it brings the kid in me when I ate these tasty delights. I don’t know if you ever had those smiley potato “fries” as a kid, but this reminds me of them but only in the digital age. The taste of it was more of a cocoa biscuit which I like. I’m not crazy on artificial chocolate snacks like those Hostess cupcakes or Oreos, so this will fix my chocolate cravings when I just want some dessert after eating a meal of another dessert.



Next is the Wild Garden’s Snack Box to Go which includes their traditional hummus and The Daily Crave’s veggie chips. I’m kind of picky when it comes to hummus. I like them cold, and I’m not a fan of traditional flavors. My preferences are either roasted red pepper flavor or garlic otherwise it just doesn’t do it for me. 

The veggie chips were actually pretty good! For some reason, I expect it to be saltier since every veggie chips I’ve tried tasted like they poured half a pound of salt into the bag. I’m definitely will be looking out for this brand because it’s dope AF.


Excuse the chipped nail polish!


The hummus was a little bit dried for my liking but put the two together, and it's a good match. I’m not going to quickly dismiss the product since the company offers other flavored snack boxes!



Another snack I’m excited for is Torie & Howard’s Chewie Fruities. They are freaking fantastic! I was expecting it to be chewier like Starbursts, but there are a few pieces that do take a minute a chew while there are those that practically melts in your mouth. They come in 3 flavors which are the Blood Orange & Honey, Lemon & Raspberry, and Pomegranate & Nectarine.



I felt a little ripped-off because they didn’t have Pomegranate & Nectarine in my bag and I was excited to try it the most! Can’t complain though because these fruit chews are amazing! I’m not a lemon candy fan, but their Lemon & Raspberry flavor is my favorite!



There were two packets of Monbana’s Chocolat Salon De The 32% Cacao that was in the box. Since I’m on a plant-based diet, I will be giving this and the rest of the items that contains dairy and eggs to my boyfriend. He hasn’t tried it yet so I can’t give you a review on it, but you can’t go wrong with some hot chocolate!



Now, the Dill Pickle chips from Route 11, he did try. He said that the pickle was bold on first taste, but he did get used to them flavor. The chips are kettle-cooked, so it provides a nice crunch. While it wasn’t his favorite, he ate the whole bag regardless. I know a few pickle fanatics that would love this brand!



Next is the Enstrom’s Almond Toffee which is his favorite of all the snacks he tried. The toffee wasn’t as hard compared to a Heath bar but still provide a nice crunch to it, and the chocolate was very smooth and creamy. The toffee had some full-size almonds to it, so it was both nutty and buttery in taste. I’m kind of jealous.



So, I’m jealous he get to try the 18 Rabbits bar. While it was almost easily to mistake that this bar would be Vegan-friendly, it does contain butter and honey. Next, to the Almond Toffee being his favorite, this comes second. We had Larabars and Kind bars in the past so we would imagine this being similar to it. He said that it’s not as sugary compared to Kind bars and the taste of coconut dominated the taste. The bar had a great soft chew, and you can hardly taste the dates.



Love with Food also threw in little candies into this box which was the Bali’s Best Espresso Candy and Fantastic Fruit Gumballs by Treehuggers. My boyfriend tried the espresso candy, and I took the fruit gumballs. It wasn’t bad, but for someone who doesn’t drink coffee that much, the taste was a little overwhelming. He did note that there was some liquid in the center that gave the taste an extra boost, but this would be a great pick-me-up for coffee drinkers.


We both tried the gumballs, and it was pretty juicy in flavor, unlike those regular gumballs you would have as a kid. The taste was great but like most gums, the flavor doesn’t last as long, and the texture of the gum eventually turns more soft and liquidy. It was rather gross. Don’t get me wrong, I like the product, and it's good to have a more natural sweet compared to the artificial ones, but unless someone perfected the gumball where it doesn’t turn to mush at the end, the only thing I can count on is the flavor on this one.



Last but not least (hope you’re still with me!) is the Ruger 2’s Vanilla Cream Filled Wafer Waffle. These are neat since it’s a shape of a waffle, but the texture is light and airy like a wafer. Marty enjoys this very much since he feels less guilty for eating them. I wished I took a picture of the details but newbie reviewer mistake and we didn’t realize it until after he ate the wafer. It would make a perfect pairing with a latte or just some afternoon coffee!


Overall, I’m very impressed with Love with Food’s Deluxe Box. I’m a fan of their mission and love that they offer different brands for the consumer to discover. Compared to their Tasting Box I’ve tried in the past, this was ultimately the better option since you’ll be receiving more items which lead more to a more satisfying discovery. If I had to choose, I would say that the Emoji Chocolate Cookies was my favorite and I would have never heard of this brand if it wasn’t for Love with Food!

*NOTE: We received this box to review for free.*

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