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KissMe Glam Gala July Collection

LiveGlam KissMe July Collection

Grab the perfect lippie colors for any glam gala- get some of July KissMe on your lips! This set of sexy, and bold colors will be the finishing touch of glam you need on any look.


This matte lippie is a deep, brick red color. You'll feel hotter than all the latest trends in this lippie. The bold color is perfect for making a statement lip! Pair it with a minimal eye look, or go all out and rock this color with some winged eyes.

KissMe Couture


Grab your crown when you rock this gorgeous mauvey-pink tone matte lippie. This color will look hot during the day with some fluffy lashes! The color tones are slightly muted which makes it a very versatile color.

KissMe Royal


This lovely, nude matte lippie is the color you need in your arsenal for those dark and smokey days! Luxe will pair perfectly with a sexy black or sparkly smokey eye. But out your nudes this summer in your KissMe shades!

KissMe Luxe

#MorpheMe July Collection

MorpheMe July Collection

YGo glam or go home! When you have July MorpheMe there is no glam out of reach. This massive set of 8 brushes will slay any style you set your eyes on!

You can rock anything from a sultry smokey to sexy cat eyes with July brushes! You'll be getting E27 Round Blender, M331 Jumbo Crease, M411 Firm Blending Crease, M207 Angle Liner, M250-2 Detail Liner, M168 Bullet Crease, M173 Mini Buffer, and the M170-2 Oval Lip! Turn every event into a glam gala with July's MorpheMe brushes.

E27 Pro Round Blender

M444 Deluxe Definition Buffer

A slightly tapered blending brush with a fat, rounded tip for buffing in color and smoothing edges. This brush will help you build a smooth transition in your crease! The large surface area of the bristles will achieve really seamless blending.

M168 Precise Bullet Crease

A teeny, natural-hair domed brush that is great for smudging out liner or packing on bold pigment. You can use it to smudge out your pencil liner, or pop some bold eyeshadow on your lid or under eye! The small size makes it perfect for highlighting your inner corner or brow bone, too.

M170-2 Oval Taklon Lip

MorpheMe M170-2 Oval Taklon Lip

A synthetic oval brush with firm bristles to create really sharp, precise lines with any lipstick! Use it (with your fave KissMe shade of course!) to apply lipstick all over, blend out an ombre, or even pack glitter onto your eye looks!

M173 Mini Buffer

A short, dense synthetic buffer brush with a rounded tip that's perfect to blend out under eye concealer or place cream contour products. I particularly love this little guy for applying eye primer! It's also really great for blending out spot concealer or under eyes.

M207 Sable Angle Liner

MorpheMe M207 Sable Angle Liner

This natural hair, angled liner brush has a fine tip for precise lines! Use it with powder or gel for eyeliner and create a sharp, sexy cat eye. The small brush head also works great for a brow brush!

M250-2 Detail Liner

An ultra-fine, synthetic, detailed liner brush with a long tip to create defined lines, great for liquid and gel liners. This liner brush will help create, long, straight lines in a single swoop! Really great for winging.

M331 Jumbo Crease

MorpheMe M331 Jumbo Crease

A large, natural tapered brush that applies a dense amount of product and blends out very soft edges. This is a good brush to get an extra dark, defined crease by applying pigment directly with the brush! You can also use it clean to blend out really soft, controlled edges to your eyes.

M411 Pro Firm Blending Crease

A soft natural tapered crease brush with a pointed tip that's great for creating a sharp crease or defining outer corners! The pointed tip on this brush is really great for defining a really intense crease or creating a sharp line of color. You can get pigment in your inner and outer corners with this little guy!

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