LeilaBox Unboxing #3

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LeilaBox lends you gorgeous fashion jewelry from the Leila Jewels collection, three pieces at a time. It ships right to your door, in a beautiful LeilaBox.

The jewelry is yours to wear for as long as you want with a total retail value of $100-$250.

Then, when you want a new set, you simply put the jewelry back in the box and send it back (in a prepaid envelope), and another fabulous box will be on its way to you. Your monthly fee covers as many swaps as you want; shipping is always free.
Monthly fee $22

COUPON ALERT! Use code TBR22 & your first month FREE!


What's in the Box:

~Celestine Bracelet with Pave bead accent

~Three Strand Amethyst chip necklace

~Silver w/turquoise Necklace (gorgeous!)


Final Thoughts: I had so much fun reviewing LeilaBox and I'm honored that they allowed me to review for their 1st 3 months! I wish them so much good luck  ?

COUPON ALERT! Use code TBR22 & your first month FREE!

*NOTE: We received this box to review for free.*

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