Kiss Me by Live Glam Review – July 2017

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Be Ready to Kiss
Your Other Lippies Goodbye


  • $19.99/month + shipping*
    • Get your pout hooked on these long-lasting liquid lipsticks! Every month you'll get 3 new lipstick shades for less than the price of 1. You’ll never get same color twice.

*NOTE: Ships Worldwide – US Shipping is FREE

Okay, guys.  I am super excited about this subscription!  I received the July Kiss Me subscription to review, and I thought that the lippies included were similar to lip gloss.  However, Kiss Me delivers a completely different lip product with their subscription, and I am IN LOVE with it.  These lippies are essentially liquid lipsticks and you only need to use a small dab to cover your lips.  Lipsticks are my favorite makeup item, so Kiss Me will be my new go-to supplier for them.  You can't find anything like these lippies anywhere else!

First off, Kiss Me by Live Glam comes in a bubble envelope with the logo on the front.  I love this logo!  It is so sexy and fashionable.

Inside of the mailer the lippies are included in a black satin bag.  I love how this bag doubles as a makeup bag for them!

The package also comes with a pamphlet that reveals this month's colors!  The theme this month is Glam Life.

Due to the theme, each color this month is based on different luxury concepts!  My favorite is the Couture color because it is a Merlot red, and that happens to be my favorite lipstick color.

Here is the Couture lippie!  The lippie is encased in a beautiful rose gold.

Here is a picture of me with the Couture lippie on!  The lippie goes on smooth since it is matte, and it doesn't smear which I NEED.

The next one is called Luxe!  This lippie is a faint pink/nude, and I love this shade when dealing with business matters.

Here is a picture of me in the Luxe color!  I love how simple the shade is.  Also, I worse this lippie through two meals and the color didn't disappear at all.  I am beyond impressed because usually my lipsticks will be gone after eating or drinking!

This is the last color and it is called Royal!  This is a light purple, but it is very dramatic.

Here is the shade on me!  I like how this shade looks almost like a shadow.

Final Thought: Kiss Me by Live Glam is AMAZING.  I am not usually super impressed with certain makeup brands, but Kiss Me has a wonderful product here.  These liquid lipsticks last so long when worn, and they come at the price of one!  I also enjoyed how I couldn't feel the lipstick on my lips.  They didn't dry my lips out, and that is a plus.  Also, these lippies are vegan and cruelty-free, so they are the perfect lipstick brand!  If you love lipstick and need something new to try, then make sure you get your hands on Kiss Me's next box.

*NOTE: The Box Reviewers received this box to review.

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