InspireME Crate Review – May 2017

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InspireME Crate is a monthly box that helps you get back to drawing

Art supplies, themed prompts, motivation and more each month! Let's get drawing!


  • Month to Month: $35 + FREE SHIPPING in the US
  • 3 Month PrePay: $99 ($33/month) + FREE SHIPPNG in the US
  • 6 Month PrePay: $90 ($30/month) + FREE SHIPPING in the US

*International shipping in calculated

Full box photo!

InspireME Crate arrives in a small box with the company's logo design on the top of the box!  The box was bubble wrapped and slipped into a thick envelope for mailing, and I love the care that InspireME Crate put into the packaging.

Upon opening the box, you can see how the box looks like a gift!  There are paper shreds protecting the contents of the box, as well as a piece of glitter tissue paper with a quality seal sticker.  I love how professional yet personal this packing is!

Underneath the tissue paper is a note telling you who packaged your box!  Andreas packaged my box, and he is just a sweetheart.  Working with him has been wonderful, and it makes the box that much more special for me!  The subscriber also receives a sticker with the InspireME Crate logo on it.

The box comes with this product insert to let you know what you have received this month!

The back of the product insert tells the subscriber about each item included!  I love the further explanation of each item so I know the background of each tool.

The main allure of InspireME Crate is that they provide the subscriber with a creativity workbook each month!  This workbook helps the subscriber to get past any artistic blocks that they may be experiencing.

The workbook also has a special section featuring the artist of the month!  This month's featured artist is Marek Jarocki, and I love the artwork of his that InspireME Crate has spotlighted.  It is always nice to learn about new artists!

The workbook also includes a calendar for 32 days of art prompts!  This is a great way to keep an artist working, and I was so excited to see it.  I often have creative blocks with my own artwork, so it is nice to be told what to draw!

The rest of the workbook also comes with multiple exercises and ideas to help the subscriber spark their creativity!  I adore this concept, and this box really does inspire the artist within the subscriber.

That art supplies this month is wrapped carefully in glitter tissue paper with a logo sticker on the front!

The first drawing tool is this Stabilo Pen 68!  I actually love Stabilo pens for drawing, and I have a complete set of them myself!  This pen tip is fairly thick, so it is perfect for average drawing lines.  I would liken the lines it draws to marker lines.

The second tool is a drawing tool I have never seen before!  It is Sprout Pencil and it has seeds at the end of the pencil that can be planted.  This pencil is perfect for summer, and I am excited to plant my Parsley!  The concept of the pencil is to give back to the earth once you have used the pencil up by planting the seeds.  I love how eco – friendly the pencil is! Each subscriber received a different seed.

The next tool is a Sakura Gelly Roll Metalic Gold gel pen!  I adore Gelly Roll pens since they rarely dry out and they come in a variety of colors and effects.  This gold pen will come in handy for simple touches in my drawings!

The last tool is a Chameleon Color Tones marker in purple grape!  I had not heard of these markers before receiving one in this box, and I am so glad to know about them now!  These pens allow you to create blended drawings all with one marker so that the art resembles watercolor.

The May box also came with this mini sketchbook for the subscriber to work in!

The last item is a WarmME Up workbook made exclusively by InspireME Crate!


The workbook is different from the prior workbook because it gives the subscriber simple exercises to improve their drawing skills.  This booklet is like a full art class!

The book gives different assignments for each week to help the subscriber grow and try new techniques.  I love how much effort InspireME Crate puts into the lessons and activities in this box!

Lastly, the WarmME Up workbook includes a coloring page!  This is a great way for artists to improve their coloring skills while warming up their artwork.

Final Thought: InspireME Crate has blown me away!  They put so much effort into teaching the subscriber new drawing techniques while also giving them tools to expand their work.  The main workbook and WarmME Up workbook provide the subscriber with so many activities and lessons each month.  Receiving this box is like receiving a full month's worth of art classes in a box, and I just love it!  Not to mention that the box is much cheaper than paying for a month's worth of art classes.  InspireME Crate is the perfect gift for artists on any level, or for yourself to expand your technique!

*NOTE: The Box Reviewers were sent this box to review.  

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