Hedren’s Chest Review + Coupon – February/March 2017

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Hedren’s Chest is a bi-monthly book subscription service that sends you 1-2 literary horror reads along with a Hedren’s Chest zine, and 3-5 horror accessories to show off your love of horror! It is $29.99 every two months and shipping is $6.99 for US, $10.99 for Canada, and $19.99 for Worldwide.

February/March’s theme is “My Bloody Valentine” and was sent in for a review!

Use Code “WELCOME10” to receive 10% off of any plan!

As a fanatic of horror, I am excited to see what Hedren’s Chest has to offer! It is run by the lovely Ashley Nestler, owner of Literary Vacation Club, so there will be love and support for indie authors and small Etsy shops in Hedren’s Chest as well!



Unfortunately, due to my own technical error, I lost the photos from the first unboxing but the items were wrapped in a cute Valentine’s bag to celebrate the romantic holiday!



In every box, Hedren’s Chest includes the company's zine which contains the package list and recommendations of horror books and movies. There are some movies I’ve haven’t heard or seen yet, so I’m happy with the suggestions! The print out is creepy and cute too!



Next is the Vampire Fang Chocolate Lollipop by XOXO Chocolates Shoppe. I’m always a fan of edibles in a book box, so this was a nice treat to have during my reading time!



The Bloody Rose Pin is by Chrissy Doll Curios, and it is handmade with clay and acrylic paint. The pin is creepy and obscure which I love! The details are intricate, and the eye amps up the creep factor. I would prefer without the blood splatter since the petals and eye were already unique as it is (and I’m a bit of a minimalistic) but even with the blood details, it is just as beautiful.



The last item before the book reveal is a cute Zombie Plush by Cat on the Moon Art. It is adorable and being a zombie nerd; this little guy will be joining my ever growing zombie collection!



Since there was a small delay in the shipping, Hedren’s Chest was kind enough to send their subscribers a bonus book as an apology. The book is Compendium: A Horror Novelette by Roxie Prince and here is the summary of the book from Amazon:

Humanity has fallen victim to an apocalyptic condition in which the affected become bloodthirsty monsters out of the most terrible of nightmares. Different people, different situations, same hellish circumstances — what would you do?”



Last but not least, our featured novel Wings of Sorrow by Iain Rob Wright. Based on the cover, I would have never guessed that the book was a Young Adult horror fantasy novel (and that’s what I love about book subscription boxes! They will prove me wrong!). Here is the summary from Amazon:

“Scarlet is a sixteen-year-old girl with no friends living with her single father. The one thing her life has none of is excitement. That’s until she meets a naked stranger beside the lake. Then everything changes.

Scarlet discovers that she is not just an ordinary sixteen year old. In fact, the fate of the world rests on her shoulders, and it seems like she’s one of the bad guys. A weapon.

Pretty soon, Scarlet is going to miss her old, boring life, but will have to accept that it is gone forever. At least she’s made a friend –a demon named Sorrow. He’s one of the bad guys too.

Only evil can save her now.”   

Final thought: I thought Hedren’s Chest debut box was great and stayed true to that small shop feel! I would love to see more items that are based on horror movies/shows like Friday the 13th or Evil Dead but otherwise, everything was great, and I look forward to seeing Hedren’s Chest grow in the future!

  Use code “WELCOME10” to receive 10% off of any plan!


*NOTE: We paid for this box.*

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