Dungeon Crate Review – March 2017

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Dungeon Crate is a monthly subscription service that is designed for RPG and tabletop players.

Each month, subscribers will receive a curation of gaming accessories and items such as collectibles, wearables, and more!  

Plan Options:

  • $29.95/month + shipping*
  • $105.00/3 months + shipping*
  • $210.99/6 months + shipping*
  • $399.99/12 months + shipping*

*US and Canada shipping only: US is $6 and $10 for Canada



First look: The box didn’t have any special wrapping, which was no big deal! The design of the box makes up for it.

The theme of the box is “Mother of Dragons.” Being a fanatic of Game of Thrones, this is a win for me!

The first item I noticed right away was the Mini Catapult by Elderwood Academy. You can roll your dice in style by launching it with this catapult! It is also perfect for other uses like paper ball wars or launching small treats to my dog. She loves it!

The next items in the crate are Wyrmling Dragon Minis by Reaper. These are paint-your-own game pieces, and they come in Black, Green, and Blue.


“The Black Dragon Wyrmling spews acid as its breath weapon and is sometimes known as a Skull Dragon. On hatching, a black dragon’s scales are thin, small, and glossy. As the dragon ages, they become larger, thicker, and duller, helping it camouflage itself in swamps and marshes. Black dragons are especially fond of coins.”


“A Wyrmling Green Dragon’s scales are thin, very small, and a deep shade of green that appears nearly black. As the dragon ages, the scales grow larger and lighter, turning shades of forest, emerald, and olive green, which helps it blend in with its wooded surroundings. Green dragons will fight readily with most anything and use a chlorine gas breath weapon.”

“A Blue Dragon’s scales vary in color from an iridescent azure to deep indigo, polished to a glossy finish by blowing desert sands. Blue Dragons love to soar in the hot desert air, usually flying in the daytime when temperature are highest. Blue dragons also have a nasty lightning breath weapon.”

Next is a set of Breath Weapon Tokens by Advanced Deployment.  These acrylic tokens are made specifically for Reaper Mini Dragons. It includes a 6×1 Lighting Template in Trans Yellow, 3×1 Acid Template in Day-Glo Green, 3×3 Cone Poison in Transparent Green, and a 2” Fireball Spell Token in Trans Orange.

Subscribers also received a Digital Crate and Dungeon Crate sticker in their box. Since the box was for March and it is now May, I have missed out on the digital crate.  But the digital crate usually comes with downloadable maps and printouts.

The last item is a Daenerys Targaryen Mother of Dragons Meereen Coin by Shire Post Mint. It is an officially licensed product featuring the artwork by Woody Maringer. This is a great collectable! On one side of the coin, it has the mother of dragons with her three babies.  On the other side is a pyramid and broken manacles, symbolizing the freedom of the slaves.

Final thoughts: I think Dungeon Crate is cool. It fulfills the need for RPG tabletop players. I'm not sure if it's suitable for new players who are interested in starting out. I would love to see if Dungeon Crate can include some content that is designed for beginners. For example, they can add a small paint pot with a paintbrush for the miniature, a mini-magazine about the tabletop gaming community, or even a dice pouch that is designed exclusively for Dungeon Crate. Otherwise, I enjoyed reviewing Dungeon Crate and I am looking forward to using the items during my next gaming session!           

*NOTE: The Box Reviewers received this box to review.


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