Dollar Coffee Club – April 2017 Review

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Dollar Coffee Club just launched in January 2017! They are a monthly coffee subscription that sends out premium coffee sourced from all around the world. If you love fresh whole beans or drink one cup at a time we've got you covered. Experience new roast and seasonal brews each month.

You can try out their service for $1 for one bag of coffee beans good for one pot of coffee, or 3 single serve k-cups.

I opted for the whole beans $1 trial.

It arrived in the tiniest little box, about 3 inches wide and 2 inches deep.

I was expecting a card to tell me about my coffee I was trying, but the box only contained the trial bag of coffee beans.

I did check out their website and found plenty of info about the coffee.

“This high-grown Antigua coffee is roasted to a light-medium state, usually right before the second crack stage. Guatemala Antigua has a full body of flavor that is heavier than other Central American coffees.”

Forging ahead I went with my normal Sunday morning coffee routine. We use a french press so it really brings out the flavor of the coffee and gives it the best chance to taste awesome!

The beans seems fresh and had a lovely aroma to them.

I ground the coffee to about a medium to course grind, added my hot water and watched it form a nice head in my press


After waiting for it to fully steep, it was finally ready to serve! My husband and I both tried it this lovely Sunday morning.















It had a spicy twinge and a velvety-rich texture and aftertaste. It was good and I would buy it again if given the option.


Final thoughts:

Their names are a little confusing, The are branded as the “Dollar Coffee Club” but on their cratejoy marketplace listing they are listed as koffee-kups. Their official website is DollarCoffeeClubs, but all their social media is branded as Dollar Coffee Club (club having no s at the end). I think since they are brand new they just need to tighten up their names and make them all uniform to clear up the confusion.

The also do not have an option that if you like any of the coffee's sent to you that you can buy the full size of it. So unless you just want to try different coffee every month, without ever getting the ones you loved, then this is a great service for you!

*NOTE: We paid for this box to review.*

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