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Craveries is a Seattle gift box company that features local food made and packed in Seattle.  As someone who loves Seattle but, unfortunately, doesn't live there, I was so excited to receive this box!  Every item was packed with such care, and I enjoyed being able to test the local food from Seattle shipped right to my door.

The box that I received was the Seattle Grab & Go box, and the retail value is $70+shipping ($8 for 1 – 3 day shipping/$23 for overnight shipping).  You can purchase this gift box, as well as Craveries' other boxes, at this website.

Craveries arrives in a simple white box with their logo printed on the front.  I enjoyed the clean look of the box, and how modern it looked.

Upon opening the box, you are greated with an advertisement card for Craveries, as well as a letter explaining the background behind Craveries, and the item list of the box.  I loved how the letter and item list described the background behind each food item and connected the consumer to the origins of the different businesses involved.  I am all about supporting local and small businesses, and this box completely made my day.

The first item included was a full-size (12 oz) bag of Zoka's Tangletown Full Bean Coffee.  The flavors involved in this coffee were floral and berry notes, as well as a hint of milk chocolate.  After brewing a cup of it myself I was amazed at the bold but silky flavor, and I couldn't help but pour myself a second mug!  This coffee is now one of my all-time favorites, and I highly recommend it.  Zoka's Tangletown Coffee can be purchased here, as well as Zoka's other coffee blends.  Each different blend has a background story to it, and I loved how each cup of coffee came with its own story and meaning.

Read more about this company on Craveries' blog.

The second item included in the box was a 2 oz. bag of Jonboy Caramels, which are handmade and locally crafted in Seattle, Washington.  These caramels are some of the best that I have ever tasted, and I was delighted by how soft they were.  They are also made with sea salt so that they have that sweet and salty quality that is just to die for!  When I ate these I felt like I was in an old-fashioned candy store, and I had to remind myself to not eat all them all in one sitting.  Purchase your own Jonboy Caramels here, and make sure to check out their other fascinating caramel flavors!

The next selection included was a 2 oz. pack of Seabear Smoked Copper River Sockeye Salmon by Seabear Wild Salmon.  I was fascinated to find that this salmon did not need to be refrigerated before it was opened, and after reading the backstory on the company, I am flabbergasted by the amount of artistry that goes into making this product.  The salmon is caught wild and smoked in-house by the company to portray how wild salmon might have been prepared by the Native Americans.  It has a wonderful, aged flavor, and the history that goes behind it made the experience all that more enjoyable.  Purchase your own Salmon from Seabear Wild Salmon here.

Find the story behind Seabear Wild Salmon here.

The item in the box was a 6 oz. bottle of Hatch Chili Sauce from Bonache.  This sauce is widely known in Seattle, and each batch is brewed by hand.  I am always a fan of hatch chili anything, and this sauce just hit the spot.  It is made with tomatillos as well, so it isn't very spicy, and it can go in just about anything.  I loved having something in the box that is a hit in Seattle and something that I wouldn't have found here in Colorado, and I will definitely be buying more!  Purchase your own bottle here.

You can also find out more about the owner of Bonache and his background here.

Another item included in the box was a 2 oz. tin can of Early Grey tea by Shen Zen Tea.  I am a huge tea fan, and even though I have consumed quite a bit of Early Grey tea in my life, this Earl Grey tea is the best that I have ever had.  It is aromatic and doesn't get bitter like some other Earl Grey teas.  I only used a small pinch for one mug full, and it added more than enough flavor.  The creators of this tea made it high quality to compare with tea that people in other countries drink, and it was clear to me that this tea is the highest quality tea that I have had in this country.  Purchase your own Shen Zen Tea here.

Read more about the creators of the tea here.

The last item that I received in this box was a 3.8 oz. package of Genoa Salami by Salt Blade.  Salt Blade makes small batches of meats that they source from Olsen Farms, which is a small farm in Washington that humanely raises their animals and makes sure that they are fed naturally with their own home grown crops.  I have not personally tasted this salami yet, but it looks delicious and I will be sure to savor it.  This Genoa salami is made withpork, beef, cardamom, ginger, red wine, and garlic.  Purchase your own salami from Salt Blade here.

Learn more about the background of Salt Blade here.

There is one more item that does come in this box, but I didn't receive it in my box because Craveries ran out of it.  It is a 4 oz. container of dark chocolate toffee from Pete's Perfect Toffee, and it can be found here.

Overall, I am amazed by this box.  Each item included was carefully curated, and I enjoyed reading about the background of each company, and food item, featured.  If you are looking for a taste of Seattle that features small businesses, then this gift box is perfect for you!  Grab your own Craveries box here.



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