Bakers Krate – April 2017

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Bakers Krate is a monthly, sweet treat subscription service that features 6 or more gourmet, artisan baked goods produced by Canadian dessert experts. They are hand crafted baked goods produced by Canadian dessert experts! The Bakers Krate team scours the friendly and hip country of Canada looking for the best desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Available Plans:

  • month by month ($19.99/month+shipping)
  • 3 month pre-pay ($18.99/month+shipping)
  • 6 month pre-pay ($17.99/month+shipping)

Shipping is $9.99 Per Box Across Canada Excluding Northwest Territories, Yukon Territories, Nunavut and Airstage Offices.

This month's theme was Easter!

Now, onto the mouthwatering unboxing! My boyfriend has a major sweet tooth so we were hoping there’d be enough to share, and well, we were not disappointed. If you’re on a diet, please look away!

First look: We were very excited to see so many and a variety of baked goods come in this cute little box, and even doubles of some for us to share.

It was clear right away that the theme was ‘Easter’ from all of the pretty pastel colors shining back at us. Upon closer inspection the product inset cards were very helpful in helping us to decide which treat to try first. One card has the monthly menu with best before dates (not needed in my house, they lasted 10 minutes, maybe, but very useful nonetheless) and on the flip side the ingredients. The other card lists the bakers.

The first item we decided to try were the two pretty drizzled with brightly colored chocolate, with the promise of a moist and chewy inside and the light crunch of mini eggs (my favorite!) inside.

My cookie consumption rule is that they must be chewy! So I was excited for this cookie however; I was worried that shipped baked goods may lose some freshness on their trip to my doorstep but I was very pleasantly surprised. These cookies definitely delivered everything they promised. They were super chewy and tasted as if we just purchased them ourselves from a bakery. They were pretty and delicious, perfect for Easter.

Next up were the Raspberry Coconut Squares. I love coconut and was excited to try out a little less sweet and more savory option. Just one bite and I was hooked…I think I ate one and a half of these; the boyfriend only got a bite! These were unbelievably fresh with a delectable flaky crust, a pop of sweet coconut and tart raspberry finish.

Now back to sweetness. Of course no Easter would be complete without the traditional Easter Egg. This Buttercream Egg was a delicious homemade take on a Cadbury Creme Egg, made with rich Belgium Chocolate, it was oh so much better! This egg was small, just one bite each but that was just enough to satisfy a chocolate craving for me.

And now for more chocolate! When one bite just isn’t enough, here enters a bar of Malted Milk Fudge. I knew just by looking at this that it would be too sweet for my tastes but my boyfriend was happy to finish it off after my one bite and claimed it was definitely his favorite. This fudge was so rich and creamy with a twist of crunch from the robin’s egg Maltesers inside.

Last but not least comes my childhood guilty pleasure Cottontail Cookie Dough (well the cookie dough part at least). It was so cute that they put a dollop of peaked icing on top of the cookie dough to look like a bunny tail. This edible cookie dough allowed me to indulge in this guilty pleasure one more time.


Final Thought: Overall, I’m so impressed with Bakers Krate. Being a Canadian girl myself, I love that the box is filled with baked goods from around this great country of mine. This box offered more baked goods and fresher than I expected. I appreciated the variety of just a hint of sweet to the cavity inducing sweetness which was perfect in our host to satisfy both of our varied sweet teeth. I may just be subscribing to this box as a gift to boyfriend (shhh), he will love it!

*NOTE: We received this box to review for free.*

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