Art Box Surprise – April 2017

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Art Box Surprise is an art subscription service that sends handmade artwork by independent artists every month. Each box donates $1 to various art programs in public schools and there are three plans to choose from:

Mini Box – $25/month + shipping*

Super Box – $50/month + shipping*

Super-Duper Box – $100/month + shipping*

*Shipping varies from destination and box plan. Ships worldwide.

This is my first experience with Art Box Surprise and being a supporter of independent artists, I was curious to see what the subscription has to offer.

First impression: I received the Mini Box for a review, and it was sent in small Priority Mail packaging. Upon opening the box, the art piece was wrapped in a white tissue paper with glitter on it. It wasn’t too glittery to the point where it was obnoxious, so I appreciate that.

The first item I received was a photo postcard titled Mojave Sunset, by Jeff Knox. The photo is beautiful and I love the cool tone of the portrait. Most often when you think of deserts, you think more of warmth so this is a nice touch to the photograph.

Next is an Art Box Surprise sticker with the quote, “support the arts!”. The postcard and sticker were given as a bonus, which I like.

Our featured artist for this month is F. Andrew Taylor. This art piece is a heart sculpture that seems to be made from plaster on canvas and painted with acrylic. The size is slightly larger than half of an iPhone 6 and the palm of my hand. The sculpture is cute and I like it, despite it not being my usual preference in art. Since this was the Mini plan, there may be more than one artist in the Super and Super-Duper plans.

Final thoughts: Art Box Surprise is a great box for someone who enjoys handmade artwork from smaller, independent artists; however, art is subjective and it can affect how you determine the value of the subscription box. Being an art nerd in High School, it is nice to know that there are businesses that give back to the art community. My advice to Art Box Surprise is to give your featured artist(s) a spot to shine! I would’ve loved to learn more about the artist(s), including their motives and story behind their work. Providing more information will not only help others appreciate the artwork, but it will help create a connection between the subscriber and the artist(s). 

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