April Lootcrate Review

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A monthly mystery crate for geeks and gamers!  Lootcrate delivers fun collectibles each month all based on a different theme.

Lootcrate offers many different crates.  The plans that you can choose from are Lootcrate, Lootcrate DX, Loot Anime, Loot Gaming, Loot Pets, and Loot Wear.  They also have various partner crates that you can choose from.

Available Plans:

  • month by month ($15.99/month+shipping)
  • 3 month pre-pay ($13.25/month+shipping)
  • 6 month pre-pay ($13.95/month+shipping)
  • 12 month pre-pay with a free t-shirt ($11.95/month+shipping)

I purchased the April crate to review, and this month's theme was Investigate!

Lootcrate arrives in a specialized black box that doubles as a craft!  The box can be turned inside out to reveal an item related to the theme.

This month, when I turned the box inside out it revealed an investigator's briefcase.  I think that this is a unique way to get subscribers to keep the boxes instead of throwing them away!  The box also includes clues to go with the month's investigating game.  If you go to the Lootcrate website you can track your progress and win extra loot for your next box!

Included in every box is a mini mag that explains the different items.  However, this month also included a fun investigating pamphlet with a puzzle for you to solve!

The first item included in the box is this Batman color changing mug!  The mug was included to help sleuths stay up all night and solve cases with a cup of coffee.

The box says that this mug changes colors when a hot beverage is poured into it!

The next item is a set of X-Files pencils and a pencil sharpener!  These are perfect to use when writing notes, and I will get much use out of them.

Also included in the box is this adorable Jessica Jones statue!  Jessica is the ultimate investigator, and I love how cute she looks in this figurine.

Every Lootcrate also comes with a t-shirt, and this month's t-shirt has a graphic from Stranger Things!  I love the artwork, and I giggled ridiculously when I saw it in the box.  I am a huge fan of Stranger Things.

Lastly, we have the monthly Lootcrate pin!  This month's pin is of an old fashioned tape recorder.  I honestly thought that this pin was connected to Thirteen Reasons Why, but the box just says that it is the perfect device for any investigator to use.  However, I am going to pretend that it is connected to Thirteen Reasons Why because I am a bit obsessed with that at the moment.

Final Thought: This box was a great mix of items connected to investigating.  I liked how creative the items were, and how each item connected to a different fandom.  Most of the items are also very usable!  This is the perfect box for all geeks, nerds, and lovers of pop culture.

*NOTE: We paid for this box to review.*


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