Adults & Crafts – September 2017

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Find yourself pinning craft projects on Pinterest, but that's as far as you get? Love to craft, but not the tedious prep work? Interested in trying our today's most popular craft projects in the most convenient way possible? If you answered yes to any of those, it's time to subscribe to the Adults & Crafts Crate today!

  • Each kit is curated with exact materials, tools, and instructions
  • Cancel anytime, no minimum length commitments
  • Give your finished projects or the subscription as a thoughtful gift
  • Learn an array of craft techniques, a brand new, trendy project every month
  • Discounted USPS shipping: $6.95/mo

Month-to-Month Option

$33/mo + shipping*

Prepay & Save Options

Prepay for 6 Months & Each Kit = $32.19/mo + shipping*

Prepay for 12 Months & Each Kit = $31.39/mo + shipping*

*Ships internationally, but international shipping price is $50/crate – USPS shipping is $6.95/crate

I was so excited to receive Adults & Crafts because I love their mission!  Bringing fun crafts to adults each month is a great way to de-stress while learning a new hobby.

Adults & Crafts comes in a large box that looks like a wooden crate!  I love the style of the box, and how it influences connecting with others through crafts.

September's theme was wood burning!  I had never tried woodburning before, so I was excited to get started.

The kit came with wood coasters, a wood box, a wood block, and items to help with the wood burning process!  The fact that the box came with multiple projects was a great way to be creative in different ways.  For my first project, I decided to do the wooden box.

The kit came with different designs for you to transfer to your projects, so I started with this lotus flower.  I am very spiritual, so I plan on using this box for my crystals!

Here is my box with the design transferred onto it.

And here is my finished project!  I loved working with the wood burner because it was like painting on the wood.  I was able to shade different areas using different levels of pressure.  I am thoroughly satisfied with my project and I can't wait to do the other projects in the box!

Final Thought: Adults & Crafts is such an innovative way to try out different crafts each month!  The box comes with enough projects for multiple people to participate, and it is a great couple or family activity.  If you would like to try out new crafts each month with a box that brings you everything that you need, then you must try Adults & Crafts!

*NOTE: The Box Reviewers were sent this box to review.  


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