Activate Your Faith Review – April 2017

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Activate Your Faith is a travel box that brings the world to your door with a Christian experience!  Each box sold also donates 30% of its funding to charity.

Activate Your Faith ships worldwide from the United States, and the box is $29.99/month + Shipping.

I was sent the April box to review, and this month's destination was Israel!

Activate Your Faith comes in a beautiful teal box with the logo on the front!  I love how the logo encompasses the world.

Upon opening the box, you are greeted with a pamphlet that gives you all of the information that you need to know about that month's box!

I also like the “love” sticker that is used to keep the tissue paper closed.  The website describes how each box is meant to bring love to the subscriber, and this sticker adds to that concept!

Here is a closer look at the brochure!

There is a thorough description for all of the items included in the box.  The owners also make sure to connect each item spiritually! 

The back of the pamphlet lists each item individually, while also telling you to more about Activate Your Faith's mission.

The first item included in the box is a pair of Rosehip & Hibiscus tea bags from Wissotzky Tea!  The pamphlet tells us that fruit infusions were created in Israel, and they were brought to Moses to show him the fertility of the promised land.  I love how creative the owners of this box are with connecting the tea not only to Israel but to Christianity as well.  I can't wait to taste this lovely tea!

Another item included in the box is a digital music download of Big Daddy Weave's The Lion and the Lamb.  The brochure says that subscribers receive this digital music in an email as part of the box, but I did not receive this email.  That being said, I can't review that item since I didn't receive it.  But I like how Activate Your Faith sends out gospel music to compliment their box!

The next item is a pack of 10 scripture temporary tattoos from Armed with Truth!  On the Activate Your Faith website, there is video by Amir Tsafarti showing the place where Jesus originally taught the Beatitudes – scriptures to help His disciples understand what they need to know to be overcomers in this world.  This temporary tattoo set contains ten of these beatitudes to help subscribers remember Jesus' teachings and promises.  I adore how Activate Your Faith provided a video on their website to show you exactly where Jesus originally taught these Beatitudes.  Having these temporary tattoos makes the scriptures all that more important!

Here are a couple of the tattoos for reference!  The packaging says that these tattoos are non-toxic, and they will last on the skin for 3 – 5 days.

And now, for my favorite item in this month's box!  The brochure says that in the Old Testament, olive oil was used to anoint prophets and light lamps in the temple.  It also says that before Jesus was sacrificed, He came to a grove of olive trees and pleaded to God that He would not have to go through such a painful death.  This shows how important olive trees and olive oil are in scripture, and it adds importance to this item.  This next item is a cross that has been handmade in Jerusalem out of olive wood.  I love how meaningful this item is, and it is compact so that you can take it with you wherever you go.

The next item is a pack of Za'atar Spice Blend from The Spice Way.  The brochure says that when Jesus was on the cross, He was offered vinegar or soured wine on a branch of the hyssop.  The hyssop branch was also used to spread lamb's blood on doorposts to provide protection from the angel of death who was coming that night to kill the firstborn of all Egyptians.  With that being said, the main ingredient in this spice blend is hyssop!  The brochure also says that most variations of this spice use oregano instead of hyssop because it is cheaper, but this specific blend is made from a small farm in Israel that grows hyssop.  I love how authentic this spice is, and it really adds substance to the Israel theme!


Also included was an exclusive chicken recipe card that uses the Za'atar spice!

I am very excited to whip up this dish for Easter.  It looks like a refreshing spring meal!

The next item is an exclusive scripture coloring card!  This artwork was done specifically for Activate Your Faith, and I think it is gorgeous.  Having the picture along with the scripture makes for a great visual.  Once this is colored, you can frame it and put it up in your home!

The last item included in the box is this gorgeous Lilly of the Valley scent sachet!  It is made with essential oils, and it smells delicious.  I have put it in my bathroom, and it adds a beautiful atmosphere to the air.  The brochure says that this sachet will help you to remember that Jesus is the Lilly of the Valley, and He is coming back for us.  This sachet is a great reminder of that truth!

This month's Activate Your Faith box also came with reading material on a house in Tampa, Florida that helps homeless women and children.  The brochure urges you to consider giving money to this organization, and they have included an envelope that is already stamped.  While I think that this organization is a great cause, I think that including a hand stamped envelope in the box is a bit much.  It seemed to guilt the subscriber into giving away more money, and I felt it was a bit unnecessary.  I would have preferred just receiving the reading material so that the subscriber had more choice over whether they should give or not.  However, since I do use the funding from my own subscription boxes to give to charity, I will be sending money to this organization as part of my charitable giving.

With that being said, the brochure also lists a couple of scriptures from Revelations with a note that urges you to read more about these scriptures.  This adds a nice bible study aspect to the box, and I like how interactive it is!

Overall, I loved how much thought and creativity went into the curration of this box.  I felt that each item related specifically to the theme and Christianity, and the owners are clearly passionate about their product.  If you love travel based boxes but want an added faith theme, then Activate Your Faith is perfect for you!

*NOTE: We received this box to review for free.

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